Al HarpBorn in 1960 the salad days of space exploration & NASA lift offs, I have drawn, painted, and created since I fell out of the cradle. Going to the inner landscape became a survival skill.

When I was a kid I voraciously consumed Erich Von Daniken's paperback "CHARIOTS OF THE GODS? and blew my ten year old mind into outer space. It all made sense to me. Gods came down from the sky and mixed with terrestrials. Gods shared technology and promoted advancements on this planet. It explained Mary's Immaculate Conception and that big bright light witnessed and described by so many. People are still talking about that star in the sky.

Sandro Botticelli's painting Mystical Nativity (1501) depicts a golden glowing saucer directly above Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

In 1701 Aert de Gelder paints "The baptism of Christ" showing a hovering disc projecting beams of light onto the earth.

A historic baptism is invaded.
A historic birth is invaded.
The western landscape... INVADED.

This series of paintings illustrates the out of body feeling I experienced while watching a U.F.O. fly inexplicably, silently thru the twilight. Extra terrestrial entities intermingle with earthlings as they have for millennia; like everything is normal. These are the contemporary counterparts to historic paintings that retell a continuing story. Paint by Number images are instantly recognizable and etched into our subconscious minds. The same can be said of grey alien entities...they are archetypes. This is Pop art using ancient iconography creating a feeling of modern antiquity.

Al Harp